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Staffordshire Police provides a policing service to the people of Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

The force area includes one of the largest shire counties in England, covering more than 2,600 square kilometres or 1,000 square miles. It has a population of more than 1,000,000 and a rich diversity of communities, all with their own specific policing needs.

This section is where you can find out more about our history, our senior officers, our plans for the future and how well we’re performing.

Our vision

This summary of the force and Authority Strategy and Plan sets out our key aims and objectives and how we intend to achieve them

Behind the Badge

Local policing is supported by a host of specialist, central departments made up of police officers and police staff based within our Operational Services, Organisational Services and Investigative Services departments.

Equality and Diversity

Staffordshire Police is committed to keeping our communities safe and reassured and providing a service to all members of the community that is not discriminatory, creating a working environment free from any form of harassment or bullying.


Staffordshire Police headquarters are at Weston Road in Stafford. The site consists of nine office blocks extending from the main entrance at Weston Road adjacent to Staffordshire University to the Staffordshire Technology Park at Beaconside.


The foundations of the modern Staffordshire Police were laid in October 1842 at a meeting held at the Court of Quarter Sessions in Stafford.

Who's who

Staffordshire Police have four senior executive who lead the force from our headquarters in Stafford.

Special Constabulary

The Staffordshire Special Constabulary has a vital role to play within the force, providing a visible uniformed presence that assists in increasing public reassurance.

Crime Mapping

Crime maps put you in the picture about what’s happening in your neighbourhood, allowing you to view crime figures at a highly localised level.

Social Media

People throughout the force area can receive frequent updates about policing in their community and Staffordshire as a whole through social networking sites Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.


Featuring a selection of publications produced by Staffordshire Police and partner agencies, policies, forms, minutes of executive decision meetings and other documents that may be of interest.

HMIC PEEL Assessment

Staffordshire police has a force area which covers 1,000 square miles.

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